2017 Tadpole Playoffs

Round Robin

First round of playoffs consists of round robin play for two divisions (three games per team).
Win = 3 Points, Tie = 1 Point

DIVISION #1 Rays Mariners Orioles Rockies TOTAL
Rays 3 3 0 6 Points
Mariners 0 0 0 0 Points
Orioles 0 3 0 3 Points
Rockies 3 3 3 9 Points

DIVISION #2 Cardinals Athletics Pirates Cubs TOTAL
Cardinals 0 3 0 3 Points
Athletics 3 3 0 6 Points
Pirates 0 0 0 0 Points
Cubs 3 3 3 9 Points

Quarter Finals

Game Team #1 Team #2 Winner
#1 1st place – Div 1 VS. 4th place – Div 2 Rockies
#2 2nd place – Div 1 VS. 3rd place – Div 2 Rays
#3 3rd place – Div 1 VS. 2nd place – Div 2 Orioles
#4 4th place – Div 1 VS. 1st place – Div 2 Mariners

Semi Finals

Game Team #1 Team #2 Winner
#5 Winner of Game #1 VS. Winner of Game #2 Rockies
#6 Winner of Game #3 VS. Winner of Game #4 Orioles

Park Finals

Game Team #1 Team #2 PARK CHAMPS
#7 Rockies VS. Orioles Rockies



Age Requirements:

The Tadpole Division is designed for children born in 2008 and 2009.  It is sometimes possible for children to “play up” – either from T-Ball to Tadpole or Tadpole to Mosquito – but these decisions will be made once all “of age” children (based on birth year) have been registered; and will based on available space in the league and the ability of the child(ren). All children wanting to “play up” will need to register for the division that corresponds with their birth year and thereafter make a request to the respective coordinator to have the child assessed. Should space be available AND the assessment confirms that they would be a better fit for the requested division allowances may be made.

Gear requirements:

Your child will receive a team t-shirt, socks and a Carnarvon Ball Club hat on the first day of the season. This is their uniform, so please ensure that they wear it for each game. They will also need a batting helmet, glove, grey baseball pants and an athletic support. Baseball cleats are not mandatory, but most children wear them at this level (soccer cleats are okay!). Please ensure that you mark your child’s name in everything.  A white label or masking tape works well on the outside of the batting helmet and handwritten on labels in shirts, glove and hats.


Our goal in doing assessments (at all levels), is to ensure that we have equitable teams within the division and thus, a more competitive league.  Assessments will include the following areas: hitting, pitching, infield and outfield skills.  In the instances where kids are unable to be “officially” assessed, we are usually able to assign them a relatively accurate assessment score based on their participation in season’s prior or in winter clinics.  In those cases where we do not know the kids who missed the assessments, we need to assign an average score.

Team selection:

Players are assigned a total score based on their assessment; these are used in drafting the teams.  We will make every effort to accommodate any friend or coaching request, however, given that it is a draft format no guarantees can be made.  We will also endeavour to ensure that female players will have another female on their team (assuming that numbers will allow for this).

Field Prep:

Near the start of the season we will have our annual pre-season field preparation day.  The more hands available to help, the more efficiently the work will get done.  Your brawn and tools will be greatly appreciated.  It is a great kick-off to the season and a demonstration of the community at work.


This league is run entirely by volunteers – coaches included!  It is our goal to have a minimum of 2 coaches per team and this year, we anticipate having 5 teams in the division. Each team will ultimately determine how they would like to structure their coaching staff, but the following is a rough guideline of what is entailed with each role:

Head Coach/Manager:

  • must submit a criminal record check prior to season start (done annually).
  • must complete an online NCCP Level 1 coaching certification (cost to be reimbursed by the league): http://nccp.baseball.ca/register.php
  • attend every practice and game, as well as scheduling meeting and draft
  • organize practices, drills
  • determine team line-ups for games
  • have a thorough understanding of the divisional rules
  • liaise with umpires
  • send team communications
  • organize team volunteers for field prep and score-keeping

Assistant Coach:

  • must submit a criminal record check prior to season start (good for 2 years).
  • must complete an online NCCP Level 1 coaching certification (cost to be reimbursed by the league): http://nccp.baseball.ca/register.php
  • attend every practice and game
  • assist with practices, drills
  • run warm-ups
  • base coaching and/or running the pitching machine

“Helper Parent”:

  • many of the practices and drills that coaches run require (or are better run with) an additional helper or two.
  • this is not an official coaching role, does not require a criminal record check and you will not get the glory of wearing a coaches shirt . . . but you will be greatly appreciated by parents, kids and coaches.
  • involves bringing your glove and helping out.