U8 (LTP-2) Softball

The Carnarvon U8 program (also called Learn to Play 2 or LTP-2) supports our youngest softball players, providing training in softball fundamentals and the experience they need to grow in the sport.  Some U8 players have experience from Blastball and T-Ball, while others have no baseball or softball experience. Either one is fine. The emphasis of U8 is on fun – with fast and engaging sessions that keep players moving and learning.  Players benefit from the structured practices and simplified games.


The season begins in early April and runs until the end of June. During this time, players will be on the field an average of two times per week.  The program can be run as practice/scrimmage sessions only or as practice/scrimmage sessions plus league games.  In past years, U8 teams have mostly done practice/scrimmage sessions, with 4-7 games throughout the season.  Ultimately, many of the decisions are left with the coaching team to determine the practice versus game balance for the season.

If coaches choose to play games in the Softball Vancouver Island (SVI) league (www.svisoftball.ca), U8 games are set for Saturdays at 9:30am (arrival time 9am).  Last year, there were 11 teams in the U8 league from the Central Saanich, Cordova Bay, View Royal, Peninsula, Duncan and Carnarvon ball clubs.  For the past two years, the U8 team has participated in a fun tournament in early or mid-June called the Jamboree Weekend at View Royal.

Age Requirements

In Spring 2018, U8 is for players born in 2010 and 2011.  It is possible for younger players to join, if space is available. Contact lisarogers@hotmail.com if you would like to request your younger child play at this level.


No assessments are conducted at the U8 level in softball.

Team Selection

In the case of more than one U8 team, the Club will make every effort to accommodate friend or coaching requests made at the time of registration, however no guarantees can be made.  Priority for team make-up will be given to past Carnarvon players first, then on a first come-first serve basis.


Players will receive a team t-shirt, socks and hat from the Club early in the season. This is their uniform.  Coaches will advise parents when uniforms need to be worn throughout the season. Sometimes uniforms are required for every game and practice. Black baseball pants or dark (preferably black) athletic pants may be required at league games.


Required equipment:

  • batting helmet with a strap and cage (recommended) or helmet with strap and a mouth guard
  • glove
  • cleats (recommended) – baseball or soccer style cleats are fine

Please ensure that you mark the player’s name on all equipment and clothing.  A white label or masking tape works well on the outside of the batting helmet and handwritten on labels in shirts, glove and hats.


The cost to register for our U8 softball program can be found here.

Parent Duties

Carnarvon Ball Club is a community sports organization run entirely by volunteers. Administration, coaching, field maintenance and preparation duties are all performed by Club parents and community members, mostly behind the scenes.

A minimum level of involvement is required from every Club family in order to run the programs effectively and give our players a high-quality softball experience.  This minimum level of involvement in U8 includes two parent duties: pre-season field prep at Fireman’s Park and home game field prep (as needed).

Pre-Season Field Preparation (Spring Clean-Up)

Near the start of the season, Carnarvon softball has an annual pre-season field prep/clean-up day at Fireman’s Park.  Parents bring work gloves and garden tools (rakes, edgers, buckets, weeders, shovels, brooms) and help get the field ready for action. It is a great way to meet other softball families and to kick-off the season.

Home Game Field Preparation

For home league games, the field will need to be raked and chalked, bases and plates will need to be measured and positioned and other miscellaneous duties will need to be done. All families will be placed in to field prep slots.  If your family is unable to complete your field prep time slots, it is your responsibility to find another family to replace you.

Volunteer Opportunities

Coaching Team

All Carnarvon team coaches are volunteers. The Club prefers to have 2-3 coaches per team. U8 is the optimal time for parents to learn to coach or continue to improve their coaching skills. Many softball coaches start out with their own children at a young age and continue to coach up through the competitive levels of softball.

Each coaching team will ultimately determine how they would like to organize themselves in a given season, but the following is a general guideline of what is involved with each role:

Head Coach

  • Completes Carnarvon Coach Registration.
  • Submits a criminal record check prior to season start.
  • Attends every practice and game (arrives early and sets up equipment)
  • Attends field and game scheduling meetings and coaches meetings
  • Plans practices and drills (a very good practice manual is provided for U8)
  • Determines team line-ups for games
  • Develops a thorough understanding of divisional rules (see www.svisoftball.ca)
  • Liaises with umpires
  • Manages equipment
  • Sends team communications
  • Liaises with Jr. Softball Coordinator and Team Coordinator
  • Optional: Completes an NCCP Level 1 coaching certification (cost may be reimbursed by the Club, contact VP Softball if you are interested)

Assistant Coach(es)

  • Completes Carnarvon Coach Registration.
  • Submits a criminal record check prior to season start.
  • Attends every practice and game (arrives early and sets up equipment)
  • Assists with practices, drills
  • Runs warm-ups
  • Provides base coaching during games
  • Provides coach pitch or runs the pitching machine during games
  • Has a thorough understanding of the divisional rules
  • Helps manage equipment
  • Optional: Completes an NCCP Level 1 coaching certification (cost may be reimbursed by the Club, contact VP Softball if you are interested)

Team Coordinator

  • Liaises with softball uniform coordinator
  • Coordinates parent volunteers for field prep
  • Helps coaches with administrative duties as needed
  • Helps organize the season-end party
  • Does not require a criminal record check

On- Field “Helper Parents”

  • Helps out during practices or games (bring your glove)
  • Does not require a criminal record check

If you have any further questions, contact the Softball Registrar at lisarogers@hotmail.com.